Established in 2017, SubiePups was born to articulate the puppy love for Subies, because Subarus and dogs just go together. Founder Alex Gomez Kolar grew up a die-hard Subaru fan thanks to Gran Turismo, Colin McRae, and binge watching Initial D.
On June of 2006, his childhood dream became a reality when he was the second owner of a pristine 1999 Subaru Impreza RS Coupe with a 5-speed manual. YESS!! Just like that, Alex, his trusty co-pilot Paxton, and their trusty Subie, were off in search for adventures! This special bond would ultimately epitomize the culture that SubiePups is trying to embody.

We're making bandanas for buddies and we welcome you to join us!
For those who work hard to give our puppies the best life, this one is for you.


Throughout the 90s, the Subaru Impreza was an icon in the automotive world and a major influence in Alex’s childhood passion for cars. It was all about Subaru and that blue and gold Impreza. There was nothing else to talk about.

Growing up playing Gran Turismo, his Favorite car was the Costco Impreza. Bunta’s Impreza from Initial D brought many years of bragging rights. Finally, watching Colin McRae dominate the WRC with his legendary Impreza made Alex true Subaru enthusiast and fanboy.

In the summer of 2006, his childhood dream came true when he became the second owner of a pristine 99 Impreza RS coupe. It immediately became an extension of himself and his lifelong pride and joy. It was not long before the three brothers: Alex, with his trusty copilot Paxton, and his Subie, were off seeking adventures. Beach days, hiking, hitting the backroads, and car shows were their favorite pastimes.

SubiePups Is Born

With basic Adobe Illustrator skills, Alex blended the classic Impreza ‘i’ emblem with the silhouette of a boxer and just like that, WOOF! The brand was was born! It was this special bond that gave birth to the idea of SubiePups and is what drives Alex to create and contribute.

Alex wants to connect and grow with those select few who also experience this wonderful bond, and share the values of the Subaru brand. 🐾